The Company Offer's


                SSHT offers following services: MT Marketing, software design, installation, support and maintenance from Toronto, Canada office.

     MT production, software development and testing from Bangalore, India.


                  1.At Toronto: Design and marketing setup.                   
                  2.At Bangalore: Own premises housing Medical Transcription and
                  Medical Transcription software development facility.

Details of Facilities:-

                                1. Hardware: 3 servers (UNIX, Oracle and NT)

                                    20 workstations for MT.

                                    10 workstations for software development


   OS and Tools:-

                          SUN-Solaris, NT, Oracle8I, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Java, JSP, ASP, XML,.NET

 3. M.T.Software:-
                              Our own in-house developed proprietary software called ‘Sanjeevini’ has following four modules: These software are used during Medical Transcription.


        H.R and Training

        M.T Quality System

        Internet components

Brief details of above software is enclosed in Annexure-1. 

4. Professionals:-

                             Medical Transcriptionists at level-1, level-2, and level-3: 16

        Medical Doctor-1

        Quality System (ISO 9000) Pros-2 

Medical Transcription and Medical Software

Software Details:-

1 Data Base Management Services:-

                                                          'Extraction' software extracts patient data with respect to symptoms, disease, tests ordered vs tests performed, and medicines/drugs prescribed etc. against patient ID and houses them in a database. (Access/SQL/ oracle data base) during Medical Transcription process.

'Prescription' software allows doctors to query the database, modify and /or edit, add into the database directly, and also enables sending prescriptions to drugstore directly via Internet.

Extraction software is used at our MT center and prescription software would be loaded Free of cost at client's computer. Every day, doctors need to download extracted 'PULP' or patient data as stated above (along with MT reports) and 'append' or add to their database which is set up by us for patient's data storage. User can query the data and generate several useful reports like disease-wise, day-wise, patient test reports and results, etc., free of cost.

Software upgrades are also supplied free of cost. (Minimum two upgrades per year to enhance and to cater to user feedback)

            This s/w is ready for use.

2 Sample Drug database, Bar coding for Sample Drug distribution, and Bar coding for Repeat orders.

                            This software uses a sample drug database and enables doctors to register and control issue of sample and test drugs from pharmacists quickly and effectively by use of bar coding system. Bar coding system for repeat drugs for patients enables doctors to issue prescription drugs to seniors and also to chronic and permanent maintenance dose required patients; the system will also enable sending instantaneously and automatically to drugstore and at the same time record and register in the patient's database in doctor's computer. Status: Software ready; under testing

Services Offered:-

                              We are offering now following services:

                              Either in MS Word or Word Perfect using ‘Sanjeevini’ software.

                              Produced to AAMT standards and guidelines.

                              Correctness of output is above 99%.

                             Delivery under 24 hours (i.e. TAT <24 hours)

Production using software and quality system in place.

Several software generated reports including correction report ensures quality compliance software are continuously upgraded, thus conforming to PDCA cycle.

Show managed by professionals.

Medical doctor is employed for training and production supervision.

User has access for live information via our web site.